Client Collaboration
Made easy.

Client Jet is a collaboration tool for managing projects with clients. For Agencies and Freelancers.

We are selling Client Jet as ready to go MVP. With complete codebase, documentation and exlusive forever license. It will be your product.

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What is Client Jet?


Virtual Office

A shared place for freelancers and agencies to collect project relevant data in order to share and get feedback without meeting in person.


Easiest Interface

Simple usage for everyone. Anywhere.
Client Jet doesn't need any company trainings or introductions. You'll just find anything.

Structured Drafts

Streamlined Feedback Process

No more misconceptions. Client Jet lets users create new inspections or steps within a project. Clients can easily access and accept work along the project.

real-time sync
Web Application

Accessible from anywhere

One central location to collect data. Accessible multiplattform through all browsers.

Client Jet in Action

Why buy Client Jet?

  • Working MVP and ready to go.
  • Whole codebase and sourcefiles included.
  • Documentation included. Get your first customers in no time.
  • White label for each registered account.
  • Simple CRM with Clients and Employees.
  • Streamlined Feedback Process.
  • Whole codebase with automated tests and quality control.

We built Client Jet with the intention to facilitate Client Collaboration. In order to provide wide accessibilty and instant updates, Cient Jet is running as a modern web application. With Client Jet we are able to provide a SaaS product that enables Designers, Freelancers or small Agencies to communicate more efficiently with their clients.

We are no longer maintaining the product and are selling the complete package so you can get a new software for your product portfolio or start your business around your new software solution. We will provide everything with no strings attached, so you'll get the multi tenant application ready to be installed, an integrated testsuite, newest technology like Laravel 6 LTS, the Client Jet domains and all marketing materials.

Easy Registration with one codebase

All registered users can use Client Jet via one Code base. This is very efficient to maintain and you are able to provide features frequently.

code typing

Modern Technologies

Client Jet is build upon the latest LTS release of Laravel, the most popular PHP Framework. Well build code quality and active development will let you provide new features in no time.

laravel and vue

Work from home

Our current situation and outlook suggests that more and more work will get done from home. Therefore we are prepared to provide software and make online tools available to remote workers. Client Jet helps people to use a more paperless and efficient office than ever before.